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Google Tag Manager Server Templates
Use, understand and develop your own Templates

E-Book GTM Server Templates

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The server side Google Tag Manager can only be brought to its full potential with Custom Templates. Those can be created manually or used from third parties.

This E-Book shows you which sources exist for premade templates, which Custom Templates are used in Google Tag Manager and how to build them yourself. Through specific examples you learn to use the template editor. The "Unofficial Manual" for GTM Templates helps you go from zero to live operation in a minimum of time and effort.

Build up code and knowledge step for step

In this book you will learn how to code templates for a Tag, a Client and a Variable. Creation, testing and building from MVP to production-ready. The examples provide an optimal starting point for your own templates. In the bonus chapter you will create an additional Tag Template for the client-side Google Tag Manager, which supplies the previously developed server-side template with data.

Who should read this book?

This book is made for all users of Google Tag Manager who want to utilize server containers the best way. Some level of JavaScript experience is helpful for understanding code examples, albeit not necessarily required. All code examples shown and used in the book can be downloaded.

Practical introduction without detours

Best Practices for template development from this e-book enable the reader to efficiently come up with more complex setups in Google Tag Manager with custom elements.

Even though the focus lies on server-side Google Tag Manager, this e-book offers a full introduction to template development for all use cases.


  • Custom Templates in Google Tag Manager
  • Develp your own templates: Basics
  • Your first own template: develop a Matomo tag
  • Process alternative data formats with own clients
  • Using yout own variable templates
  • NEW (2nd edition): Data enrichment with APIs and persistence
  • Advice & best practices for creating templates
  • publishing your templates
  • Bonus: template for client-side Tag Manager

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Take your tagging to the next level with your own templates for server-side GTM:

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This excerpt contains the complete index, the indruducing chapters and a good part of the bonus chapter to give you a good impression of how this book works.

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E-Book for 19,90 €. Order at Digistore24

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